Seahawk Blitz joins the Muir Elementary Turkey Trot

It was all smiles and high fives at John Muir Elementary when the Seahawk Blitz joined students at the 17th Annual Turkey Trot. This event took place during lunch recesses and promotes the importance of physical fitness and activity.



Safety Net

Safety Net is a support program for students needing extra help primarily in reading, but may also include math.

This is a Tier 2 intervention, which means Safety Net teachers provide intervention in addition to intervention delivered by a student’s classroom teacher. Safety Net is typically a pull-out, small group (3-7 students) that meets one time a day for 30-mins. Occasionally, Safety Net is also delivered in the classroom, depending on the needs of the grade level and students.

Safety Net placement is based on a combination of factors, with DIBELS and SBA scores being the most important. We also consider student academic history in the classroom, personal student growth patterns, etc.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact one of the Helen Keller Safety Net teachers:

Jenn Gramley:

Jarucia Jaycox:

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